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SCRN Meeting

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Expanding the Horizon
Seat of Knowledge

19-20 October 2023
Washington DC

Yours Truly Hotel

Seventh Annual SCRN Meeting

Expanding your horizon

Ever thought about becoming Robotic? The Society for Cardiac Robotic Navigation is THE platform for those interested in the use of robotics in the medical field. 


The Seventh Annual SCRN Meeting is scheduled to take place in the Seat of Government of the United States. Mark your calendar for 19-20 October 2023 and join us at the Yours Truly Hotel. A very good location for the Seat of Knowledge on Robotics according the organizing committee headed by Pedram Kazemian,MD and Daniel Cooper, MD

After six very succesful educational events, SCRN is aiming to gather even more robotic experts this year.


Meet with executives of medical facilities, owners of private clinics, managers of medical clinics, representatives of research and scientific institutions. Find out how robotics is a fast growing area in the medical field and how come robotics are so often used these days? Staying behind is no longer an option but where to start with transitioning to robotics & AI?


SCRN looks forward to welcome you to the Seventh Annual SCRN Meeting. 

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19-20 OCT 2023

SCRN Chairpersons



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Who is SCRN?
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Society for Cardiac Robotic Navigation is expanding on further improvement in the application of robotic techniques in cardiology. Expanding with an enticing and varied program the international group of robotic users in the medical field work together to provide a platform for multiple remote technologies treatments not only limited to the cardiac field. 

SCRN provides a unique, open, fruitful environment where significant steps can be made in the continuous development of robotics. Varied groups such as physicians, engineers, scientists allied professionals and others know how to find the SCRN Annual Meetings for sharing their knowledge and make suggestions for improvements. 

Registrations for the Seventh Annual SCRN Meeting include a two year membership of SCRN which wil support Innovation in robotics in EP & the wider medical field, give opportunities for unique publications in medical journals, give access to the Membership Community pages including access to SCRN Training Video Platform, access to quarterly Interactive Case Discussions and much much more. Not registered yet? Quickly put your name down by registering here:





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The venue of the Seventh Annual SCRN Meeting is the Yours Truly Hotel in Washington. 

SCRN2023 attendees are eligible for special rates. Book easily through this link:

SCRN2023 paying attendees can ignore the 30USD Destination Fee as this will be waived by the hotel


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